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The Vineyard is an association of more than 1600 churches worldwide, an international church planting movement, a publishing house and a music production company. Vineyard worship songs have helped thousands of churches experience intimacy with God. Many churches have been equipped to continue Jesus’ ministry of proclaiming the kingdom, healing the sick, casting out demons and training disciples.

The Association of Vineyard Churches is one of the fastest growing church-planting movements in the world. The Vineyard story is about ordinary people who worship and serve an extraordinary God. The Vineyard is simply one thread in the rich tapestry of the historic and global Church of Jesus Christ. But it is a thread of God’s weaving.

From the beginning, Vineyard pastors and leaders have sought to hold in tension the biblical doctrines of the Christian faith with an ardent pursuit of the present day work of the Spirit of God. Maintaining that balance is never easy in the midst of rapid growth and renewal.

John Wimber was a founding leader of the Vineyard. His influence profoundly shaped the theology and practice of Vineyard churches from their earliest days until his death in November 1997.


The Brazosport Vineyard was started out of the Sugar Land Vineyard in the fall of 1996. At that time, God was moving on the hearts of many people in the area as well as the Vineyard leadership to see this church start. God is continuing to bring together people to join Him here in the work He is doing. We have a great desire to follow God wholeheartedly in a simple, non-religious way. 

In January of 2004, after a transition of leadership, God brought Bill Laswell to become the new Senior Pastor of the Brazosport Vineyard Church.


Our vision is to participate with God in the revealing of His Kingdom in this age and to communicate His heart and plan for the salvation of all mankind.


Our mission is to commit as a community of believers to work and grow together to become a people who:

  • Are Intentional and Purposeful.
  • Connect People.
  • Reveal God’s True Nature and Character.
  • Experience Intimacy With the Father.
  • Live Transformed Lives.
  • Experience Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Healing.
  • Experience the New Life Christ Offers.
  • Become a True Community as a By-Product of Our Faith.
  • Have Healthy Relationships.
  • Reflect Christ and His Ways.
  • Represent and Welcome Cultural and Personal Diversity.
  • Are Increasing in Maturity.
  • Are Missional.
  • Love One Another.
  • Are Expanding the Kingdom.